Tea Enthusiast.  Guitar Player. Video Game Slayer.  Art Nerd.


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I was born February 28, 1993, in Fort Worth, Texas, to parents who inspired several of my favorite attributes: my love of art, my love of writing, and a name synonymous with the Led Zeppelin song that people either loved or hated, but always remembered.

I am now a freelance graphic designer currently residing and designing in Howell, Michigan. I’ve been working freelance for over four years,  designing everything from t-shirts, invitations, business cards, banners and flyers to mobile ad campaigns and museum exhibitions. 

My work has been featured in national campaigns as well as statewide and local.

As a designer, hand-rendered fonts and drawings are something I love incorporating into my work, so I always carry pens and markers to archive that feel. Sometimes, there is no better way to get a point across than to draw it out by hand. As someone who comes from a writing background as well as a design background, I stand apart from designers who only have an eye for design. Type and writing play a huge role in what I do, and my journalism background comes to use daily in my work in terms of copy editing and refining. 

In 2016, I earned my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Journalism from Eastern Michigan University.

Contact me anytime! I’m always looking for new projects.